Entrepreneurs look for their companies’ growth. For this to happen, several resources are needed beyond potential: time, working capital, and information. Today, when SME’s look for financing solutions, they do so without proper financing knowledge and have to set aside both time and capital resources that could otherwise be invested in business development. There is a difference in their possibilities compared to those of larger companies, when opportunities should be equal for all.


Trefi provides the necessary tools and working capital that companies need to grow by focusing on entrepreneurs and the quality of their products, services, and company behavior. At Trefi, risk profiles are built based upon performance, creating an equal and mutually beneficial relationship between entrepreneurs and financiers.

With Trefi, entrepreneurs retain control of financing, their relationship with financiers, and the management tools they use to create a transparent business environment for all. Trefi grows along with SME’s, staying at their side so entrepreneurs can focus all of their efforts on their companies and their development.

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